THAW – Talk Heal and Walk – Crawley

Welcome to THAW – Talk, Heal and Walk – Crawley

Our new mental wellbeing project in Crawley – designed to support local residents whilst they recover from the pandemic and emerge from lockdown.

How does THAW work?

THAW will consist of small confidential walking groups (4-6 people) accompanied by two of our qualified therapists.  We’ll meet and walk weekly for four weeks in our local parks in Crawley and we’re kicking off in Tilgate Park.  There will be dates made available to attend throughout the spring, summer and autumn.

How far are the walks and how mobile do I need to be?

You need to be able to walk for approximately 40 minutes at a steady pace (though wheelchair users and those with mobility scooters can also attend)

Who can join?

The groups are open to Crawley residents aged over 18 years, who feel they would benefit from support around reconnecting with other people, being in nature and to be able to share experiences of losses in the pandemic, whether through bereavement, or work or other life changes.  There is no charge to join the groups as this project has been funded by WSCC and through crowd funding.  You can apply to join a group directly using the links below – there’s no need for a GP referral.

Can I bring a dog or children with me?

We’d encourage you to use this time to focus on yourself – so no dogs please.  We welcome children under the age of 1 year either in a buggy or in a carrier.

How will groups be kept COVID safe?

All necessary social distancing measures will be kept in place.

How can I join?

Simply call us on 01403 217900 or email [email protected] and we’ll contact you.

How will I know I have a place on a walk?

One of our counsellors will contact you by phone to talk to you about the walks and discuss what to expect with you.  Following that conversation we will confirm your place on the walks.