Counselling for children and young people

Our Parent, Adolescent, Child Team (PACT) are specially trained in tools and techniques to work with children and adolescents. They are a group of experienced and qualified counsellors with particular concern for children and young people and are based at Alphacom House in Oakhill Road in Horsham.  

We are able to offer specialised support for young children from age 5 to 12 and for adolescents up to the age of 18. Young people over the age of 18 are encouraged to apply to the adult counselling service unless a special need makes it more appropriate they are seen by the PACT Team. . PACT generally offer sessions on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays – generally after school.

Why might counselling help children and young people? 

Sadly there are also issues of abuse and bullying that can destroy a young person’s sense of worth and happiness. By building a trusting relationship with a counsellor, clients can begin to understand new ways of coping with difficult situations. 

It can be helpful to express difficult feelings of pain, anger, sadness and fear in a safe place and can lead to better ways of managing the ups and downs of growing up. PACT counsellors listen, in a non-judgmental way, not offering advice, but exploring the issues in an age appropriate way which supports child or young person to make positive decisions for themselves.

How to access PACT

Call or text us on 01403 217900 or email [email protected] to book an assessment with one of the PACT team.

For young children, the therapist will meet a parent or guardian first, without the child present. This is so that you can decide whether counselling would benefit your child and the therapist can decide if we are the best agency to work with your child.

For a young person aged 13 to 18 the assessment will be with the young person although a parent or guardian may be invited to attend part of the assessment. 

If counselling is decided as a good way forward, you will agree with the counsellor a day and time to meet on a regular weekly basis. Sessions are normally 50 minutes long however, for young children this may be reduced.

How much will it cost and what is the cancellation policy?  

Please view our fees page for costs.

If you need to cancel please contact us as promptly as you can preferably by phone or text message.

If you cancel your session with a week’s or more notice you will not be asked to pay anything. If you cancel your session with less than a week but more than 24 hours you will be asked to pay a £10 cancellation charge.

PACT Privacy policy

If you are a child or young person or the parent or carer of a young person and want to read about how we hold information please click here