#stopthedrop – how we support our clients during times of financial hardship

HCCG is committed to helping our clients remain in therapy for as long as they choose…this has, of course, been challenged by the current cost of living crisis which means understandably, many clients have felt they cannot continue to spend money supporting their own or their family’s mental health and wellbeing.

Our #stopthedrop campaign set out with the aim to extend the reach of our the hardship funds we already had to allow more clients who were receiving support from us to stay with their therapists.  We also feel it is vitally important in such difficult times.

We successfully raised over £3,000 via a crowdfunding appeal and recently have been lucky enough to be awarded a further £1k from the Tesco Community Grants scheme to help us achieve this aim.  Read our press release here.

Any client who reports financial hardship to their counsellor will be considered for support from these funds.  We aim with these funds to maintain their longevity and to try and reach as many beneficiaries as possible.   With this in mind we offer six sessions supported from hardship funds initially with a review with a possible extension to a maximum of 12 if appropriate.  This funding is available to both adult and children and young people who are currently in therapy with us.  If you need help please approach your counsellor.