The Board of Directors & our team

Board of Directors 

Rachel Gardiner-Hill Lead Director – with overall responsibility for day to day management of the CIC in conjunction with the other Directors

Kathy Jones Clinical Director – with overall responsibility for our clinical work and manages our PACT (Children & Young People’s team)

Helen Rattner – Assistant Clinical Director – who assists with clinical work

Suzie Booth New Projects Director – identifying and developing areas of growth


Other Team Members

Jo Carder – Assistant Clinical Lead within the PACT team (but is not a Director)



Helen Rattner is our Designated Safeguarding Officer


Data Protection Officer

Rachel Gardiner-Hill is our Data Protection Officer



Doreen Burchell – Service Administrator with responsibility for the day to day administration of the service

Cheri Midderigh – Assistant Service Administrator who assists with service administration


Counselling team

Qualified counsellors based with us become ‘subscribers’, in effect members of our CIC.  This means they have an active role in managing the CIC and are also ‘owners’ of our business so they are consulted via regular team meetings regarding decisions that we make.


If you wish to contact any of the above please email [email protected] and you will be put in touch.