Our students reflect on their experiences with HCCG….

‘HCCG provided me with a safe and steady environment in which to begin my client work.  The induction process was detailed and their training around policy and procedures helped me to settle in quickly.’

‘You’d be daft not to apply for a placement with HCCG – the breadth of experience of client work and the support I received from this therapeutic community was integral to my successful qualification as a therapist.’

‘My placement with HCCG, has offered a very full and rich experience to-date, facilitating the opportunity to safely develop my skills in a warm and well supported environment.’

‘HCCG is not just a placement, but an organisation where even as a student, you are made to feel important and valued and very much a member of the team.’

‘HCCG provides an excellent opportunity to hone your skills, whilst providing valuable supervision, CPD opportunities and a chance to work alongside other experienced counsellors, all contributing towards a complete, rewarding and genuine experience, of life as a counsellor.’

I’ve been with HCCG since December 2021.  The transition into the organisation was great.  The induction was thorough and I felt very supported as I navigated my way through new policies and procedures.  I really like the informal training that is organised, periodically throughout the year, which further helps my understanding of what those policies look like in practice.  These sessions have helped me deepen by knowledge and understanding which has been practically useful in helping me translate what I’ve learnt in the classroom.  My induction was further strengthened by meeting my Supervisor right at the front end of the process.  This enabled me to build a relationship with them, and the group, before working with any clients.  It was a great base to start from and continues to provide me with the right scaffolding to bring any concerns I have about my clients.  I’m never made to feel awkward, I don’t feel judged and I’ve gained so much from listening to the input from others.  I view HCCG as a community.  I enjoy being part of an organisation which is diverse, where a wide range of disciplines and modalities are represented.  Everyone is welcoming and even in a short space of time I feel very much part of the team.’

‘HCCG is a fantastic placement for students! The supervision, client allocation and administrative processes have all been great. I’ve felt very held and supported in ensuring I’m working safely and competently with my clients. Also, the option for counselling trainees to work with clients seeking longer term counselling isn’t all that common in my experience; I found my reflexive practice benefitting greatly from this..’