How much will it cost?

We understand that counselling is a significant financial commitment each week, so we operate a sliding fee scale to try and ensure counselling is accessible to as many people within our local community as possible.

As a Community Interest Company our mission is to continue to try to provide affordable counselling options to our local residents, particularly to those on lower incomes, so we trust our clients to be honest with us regarding their income levels.

VAT Registration

Please be aware that in October of 2018, HCCG as a Community Interest Company will be legally required to register for VAT.  This means that assessment fees and counselling fees will rise, effective November 1st 2018.  Unfortunately our counselling work is not VAT exempt.

Our new fees scale from November 2018 are below.

New fee structure November 2018

Fees for Children & Young People’s Counselling – November 2018

Please also read this letter about VAT from our Board of Directors.

Letter from the Board of HCCG

Clients and prospective clients will be kept updated about this. In anticipation of this there will be no annual rise in our fees in January 2019. This will be discussed in your assessment session and if you feel this will cause you hardship please let your assessor know.

Adults (18 and over)

Assessment sessions:

£25 for those on benefits or unwaged or earning up to £20,000

£35 for those earning up to £30,000

£45 for those earning over £30,000

Weekly counselling sessions:

£22 per session  – if you are on benefits or unwaged or if you earn up to £20,000 income a year

£27 per session – if you earn between £20,000 and £25,000 income per year

£33 per session  – if you earn between £25,000 and £30,000 income per year

£38 per session  – if you earn between  £30,000-£40,000 income per year

£44 per session  – if you earn over £40,000 income per year

Counselling for Children & Young People (PACT)


£25  – for those on benefits or unwaged or if you earn up to £20,000 income a year

£35 – if you earn over £20,000 income a year

Weekly counselling sessions

£35 per weekly session

We may be able to help you access possible funding sources for counselling for children and young people so please ask us about this.

Click on the link to see How can I pay?

Cancellation fees – are regrettable but necessary.

Please let us know as soon as you can if you are unable to attend preferably by a phone call.

We cannot use the room or allocate your counsellor to someone else when you don’t attend so we have to charge a cancellation fee.

Cancellation fees

If you cancel with a week or more’s notice you will not be charged.

If you cancel with less than a week’s notice but more than 24hrs  – the cancellation fee is £10 (VAT exempt).

If you cancel with 24 hours notice or less – you will be expected to pay the full amount that you normally pay.

If you miss two counselling sessions without contacting us to let us know we will write to you and end your counselling contract with us.