How much will it cost?

We understand that counselling is a significant financial commitment each week, so we operate a sliding fee scale to try and ensure counselling is accessible to as many people within our local community as possible.

As a Community Interest Company our mission is to continue to try to provide affordable counselling options to our local residents, particularly to those on lower incomes, so we trust our clients to be honest with us regarding their income levels.  We rely solely on client fees and our contract work to keep our service running and we are required to register for VAT.

Please note: since 2018 we have been able to subsidise 50% of the VAT due on your counselling session.  Mental health support provided by a Community Interest Company is currently not exempt from VAT.  This is an anomalous situation we are lobbying the Government hard to be changed. 

It is likely that reluctantly due to the cost of living crisis, we will no longer be able to provide this subsidy to our clients which means our fees will rise to include your full VAT liability.  This will mean small increases in our fee rates.  

The new fees will be effective from when your counselling begins.  If you are placed on our wait list we will update you with our new fees as soon as we are able.

For clients who are having counselling with us – we operate a Hardship Fund to help you remain in counselling with us which can reduce the cost of your counselling once you start.

All fees shown are inclusive of VAT.

Adults (18 years or over)

Assessment session

On benefits, unwaged or earning up to £20,000 –  £27

Earnings over £20k – £40

Weekly counselling sessions

On benefits, unwaged or earning up to £20,000 per year – £24

Earning between £20,000 & £25,000 per year – £30

Earning between £25,000 & £30,000 per year – £36

Earning between £30,000 & £40,000 per year – £42

Earning over £40,000 per year – £48

Fees for counselling for children and young people

Assessment session

On benefits, unwaged or earning up to £20,000 –  £27

Earning over £20,000 per year – £38

Weekly counselling sessions

£38 per session

Please note that we may able to access sources of funding for children and young people to assist with the cost of counselling so please contact us about this.

Cancelling sessions – we cannot offer your appointment or use the room for counselling anyone else so please think carefully about if you are going to be able to attend regularly.  Please call us rather than email if you cannot attend.

Cancellation charges

If you cancel with a week or more’s notice you will not be asked to pay anything.

If you cancel with less than a week’s notice but more than 24 hours you will be asked to pay £10.

If you cancel with 24 hours’ notice or less you will be charged the full amount you normally pay.

Cancellation charges are exempt from VAT.

Click on the link to see How can I pay?

Hardship Fund

As part of our commitment as a CIC to continue to support clients who are experiencing financial difficulties we offer access to a hardship fund (for a limited period) to those clients who are currently being seen by our counsellors.  This allows clients to remain in therapy with us at reduced fees.  You would be able to discuss this with your counsellor once you are being seen..